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3D Simulation Essentials - Opportunities and Challenges

What are the requirements, opportunities and challenges that need to be considered for 3D simulation technology for clothing?

3D simulation improves efficiency, conserves resources and lowers footprint. However, at the beginning the users are confronted with a variety of challenges that are often underestimated.

This webcast presents the important requirements like pattern, avatars and material parameters that are needed for the successful use of 3D simulation, and describes the opportunities as well as the challenges of 3D simulation technology for clothing.

How to measure and test fabric parameters for 3D simulation of apparel

What are the key data points for 3D simulation of textile material?

Precise digital material parameters are the key to the successful use of 3D technologies for visualization and technical fit prototyping because digital fabric physics are essential for the realistic drape simulation. With consistent data, digital prototypes can be created that accelerate design and approval processes and require significantly less material.

This Webcast will cover the methods to measure and digitize fabrics for 3D simulation of clothing.

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