The Learning Experience

Textile basic knowledge

Textile technology, fibres, textile production – basic knowledge of textile materials and commodities up to testing and standardisation as well as application techniques



Clothing technology

Pattern construction, half pattern, innovative textiles, techniques of model development up to production processes and production monitoring



Safety and sustainability

PPE, textile standards, chemical substances, nanomaterials and product safety. Social and environmental standards in the textile production and supply chain with certification, product stewardship


Washing and cleaning

Care characteristics of textile materials – standards and test methods for textile washing and care as well as washing procedures and quality assurance in commercial linen care



Comfort and performance

Backgrounds and interesting facts about the performance of textiles with regard to comfort (clothing physiology), the management of perspiration and sweat odour, sensory functions and fit, as well as measuring methods with corresponding evaluation methods


Medicine and healthcare

Knowledge about textile products with effects on human health. Medicine, hygiene, physiology and care knowledge

Happy International Sunscreen Day!

Summer is just around the corner. Please remember to protect yourself and especially your children from aggressive UV radiation!

International Children's Day

Every year, International Children's Day reminds us that it is important to pay attention to the needs of the smallest ones.

Events on request

Customized workshop | 138-EN | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | (210-EN) | Sizing, fit & pattern
Customized workshop | 121-EN | Sizing, fit & pattern
Customized workshop | 125-EN | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | 203-EN | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | 204-EN | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | (211-EN) | Sizing, fit & pattern
Customized workshop | 139-EN | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | (207-EN) | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | (209-EN) | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | 202-EN | Sizing, fit & pattern
Webinar | (208-EN) | Sizing, fit & pattern

Subject Areas

The subject areas of the Hohenstein Academy cover the portfolio of our services completely. Training courses and videos on the corresponding subjects can be found here.

Be inspired and find out about the diverse range of areas and focal points of our training opportunities.

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