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The following topics represent the comprehensive range of training courses at the Hohenstein Academy.
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Videotutorial Surface Maintenance


GMO Quantification in cotton

Stain Removal

Investigating fit in motion with a 4D photogrammetry scanner system presentation


TechPack, technical specifications & co.

3D Simulation Essentials - Opportunities and Challenges

Webcast Investigation of body surface coverage in motion

Webcast Processing workflow in 3d garment simulation

Digital Fabric Parameters Webinar

Virtual Fit vs. Physical Fit


Webcast The dynamic view on body measurements

Using 3D Scanning

Webcast Hold of adhesive tapes of hold-ups in a fully fitted state

Webcast Objective Assessment of the Cooling Function of Textile Products

Webcast Thermophysiological comfort of duvets


Webcast Tear resistance

Webcast Heavy metals


Webcast Appearance after care treatment


Catface - Videotutorial

Webcast Lightfastness

Webcast Azo dyes

Webcast STeP Academy

Webcast Embroidery

Webcast glove simulation

Virtual Designing and Fitting

The Hohenstein approach to how to “green” your fibers and treatments

measurement table - tutorial

Webinar Shapewear

Webcast 3D Simulation of Fit

Webcast Sustainability and Fit

Webcast Textile Labelling Regulations

Webcast Made in green

Webcast UV&PPE

Webcast Microplastic

Webcast Sustainable – Traceable – Biodegradable

Webcast Compression of functional sportswear

Webcast Clothing Physiology

Videotutorial Rub Fastness

Videotutorial Water Repellency

Videotutorial Mass per unit area

Videotutorial Quality requirements for textiles

Webcast Color fastness to washing

Fit & Pattern - The Hohenstein Approach

HOSYcan - Compression textiles

Webcast GMO cotton

Webcast - Sweat Odor Management

Webcast Aerobic

Webcast Sleep Comfort

Webcast Cooling

Videotutorial Skin (Sweat Odor)

Videotutorial Fiber Analysis