In-house Training

You have a specific training need and would like to be trained on site at your own company? The Hohenstein Academy comes to you. Our experts work together with you to meet your individual needs and create a corresponding program. You do not have to travel and can experience the training directly in the daily work environment. In the run-up to or during the training course, we also like to go through your facility together, putting us in a position to meet your individual needs. We cover all topics in the textile sector, we are your training partner who, together with you, develops and empowers your employees and enables them to better tackle the daily requirements.

Expert interviews

Our experts introduce themselves and look forward to getting into contact with you. For almost every area along the textile value creation chain, we have experts who deal with very specific topics and issues. If we could not serve your questions and expectations in a webinar, webcast or other form of content, you will find your personal contact here. Get to know us, we’ll have a conversation and we’ll learn from and with one another. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Dr. Jan Beringer

Scientific Expert

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Elisabeth Panian

Division Manager Oeko-Tex®

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Michael Möller

Division Manager Audits by Oeko-Tex®

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Prof. Dr. Dirk Höfer

Department Global Strategies, CEO

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Flora Zangue

Pattern Technology

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Florian Girmond

Director Consumer Tests, CEO

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Dr. Anja Gerhardts

Division Manager Research & Developement

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Andreas Janning

Division Manager RAL Laundry

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Dr. Eva Gierling

Project Manager Domestic Laundry Care

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Christine Döge

Division Manager Compressiontests

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Christin Glöckner

Division Manager Product Management & Business Developement

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Stephanie Brenner

Division Manager Clothing Technology

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Simone Morlock

Deputy Division Manager Clothing Technology

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Pascal Lieberherr

Deputy Lab Manager Biomedicine

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Dr. Igor Kogut

Project Manager LC

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Dr. Christof Madinger

Chief Operating Officer

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Dr. Alexander Alpmann

Division Manager Textile Testing

Subject Areas

The subject areas of the Hohenstein Academy cover the portfolio of our services completely. Training courses and videos on the corresponding subjects can be found here.

Be inspired and find out about the diverse range of areas and focal points of our training opportunities.

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