3D clothing simulation - virtual design and fitting (138-EN)

Course description:
The workshop deals with the following questions: How can I use the systems successfully? What are the potentials? What are the limits? Using specific examples and various products, application examples are discussed and the entire 3D value chain is highlighted: Topics such as generating the avatars, digitising the material parameters and accessories, rendering, checking the silhouettes across the entire size range and options for assessing fit in 3D are in the foreground. In doing so, well-founded 3D knowledge is combined with basic fit and pattern know-how. The Vidya, CLO 3D and V-Stitcher systems are used to process the workshop content.

The participants are given the opportunity to send in a model that needs optimisation before the workshop. Solutions for optimisation or assistance are then presented on models in the practical part of the workshop and analysed and discussed with the participants. However, this is only an offer and not a prerequisite for participating in the workshop.

Target group:
Employees from all areas who work with or are confronted with 3D simulation of clothing. The workshop is oriented towards the user, but it also offers interesting insights for newcomers who are confronted with questions about the implementation of a 3D system.

Course management:
Simone Morlock, Oliver Kausch, Flora Zangue, Ailing Chen, Christine Lörcher

Maximum number of participants per workshop:
20 persons

On request

You will receive the event documents in electronic form via download link.