Hohenstein now offers quality label for workwear

The Hohenstein Quality Label is issued for products that have been rigorously tested and meet defined minimum requirements. Testing criteria are based on decades of scientific research and considers practical, real-use situations. All testing is conducted in Hohenstein's accredited testing labs.
The Tested Workwear and Tested Uniforms labels highlight the product safety, quality and durability of workwear. Qualifications are based on demands specific to modern workwear and offer independent proof of quality.

Both labels can be tailored to validate claims for individual workwear and uniform re-quirements including tested fit, breathability, UV protection and suitability for leasing.
Garments earning the Quality Labels are required to undergo testing for harmful sub-stances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This allows manufacturers, brands and retailers to communicate their commitment to safer and more effective work-wear.
For more information visit www.hohenstein.us/en-us/trust/

About Hohenstein
With over 1,000 employees in more than 40 branches, offices and laboratories world-wide, Hohenstein is an internationally-oriented testing services provider and research partner in the textile industry. You can find more information about Hohenstein and the company’s portfolio of services at www.Hohenstein.US