Biodegradation, Christin Hammer:

This webcast will show you how the biological breakdown of materials by microorganisms (e.g. fungi or bacteria) can be evaluated. This gives important information on the decay properties of a product and for its optimization, the general determination of risks and also to ensure the futureproof disposal of products for environmental benefits.


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GMO cotton

GMO, Pascal Lieberherr: This webcast gives insight into the background and use of genetically modified cotton (“GMO”) and presents a…

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21.10.2021 Thementag
Grüner Knopf: So gelingt die Umsetzung
28.11.2023 Online-Seminar
Herausforderung Chemikalienmanagement: Ansprüche, Grenzen und realistische Machbarkeit bei der Produktion von Textilien und Schuhen (929 II)
21.11.2023 Sonstiges
Roadshow 2023 (Frankfurt a. M.)
07.11.2023 Sonstiges
Roadshow 2023 (Hamburg)
05.12.2023 Thementag
Thementag PSA
23.01.2024 Universitäre Weiterbildung
Zertifikatskurs CSR-Manager/in (univ.) - Modul 2: Corporate Social Responsibility (101 II)