Hohenstein Academy 2019

BÖNNIGHEIM (aba) Since March 4th we are paving the way to new learning worlds with the Hohenstein e-Academy. Digital and independent of time and location, the Academy thus offers access to valuable content from all areas and competences of the company to anyone who is interested. There are webinars, webcasts, tutorials and further digital formats in the following subject areas:

- Textile basic knowledge
- Comfort and performance
- Clothing technology
- Safety and sustainability
- Laundering and cleaning
- Medicine and healthcare

The Academy is constantly expanding its digital offer. Fresh and new formats, always available. Wherever and whenever you need them. This new offer provides the user with numerous benefits. Those interested no longer have to travel to Hohenstein to experience and learn new things first-hand. Certainly, this does not mean that there will be no more events in Hohenstein. Not all content is suited to digital formats. Therefore, the Academy has devoted itself to the concept of blended learning in 2019. This means no more and no less than the constructive integration of digital content with classroom-based events. For example, the Academy will provide the traditionally well-attended basic laundry technology course modularly and will offer content both digitally and at events on site. Please find details in the course overview. Here, you will also find the courses of the subject areas comfort and performance. The experts teach in a tried and tested manner both on site in Hohenstein and, on request, at your facility.

Hohenstein hopes that the realignment and digitisation of the Academy will give it new impetus, above all, in the area of commercial laundry. The completely rebuilt Academy will also develop a comprehensive course programme for proper linen care on behalf of the German Certification Association.

The learning experience - www.hohenstein-academy.com

Starting March 4th www.hohenstein-academy.com


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