3D visualisation for sales and marketing (210-EN)

Course description:
In the digital development process, a distinction must be made between different applications. The creation of images for sales and marketing for realistic product presentation in the online shop or virtual showroom requires different preconditions than the virtual fitting, for example. In addition to the simulation software, other software and consequently also application knowledge are required for editing the graphics and animations. In this webinar, it is shown which basics need to be observed for creating and rendering realistic images.

Target group:
3D artists, experts from marketing and sales, as well as all other employees who are confronted with the creation of high-quality simulations and deal with the new possibilities for digital product presentation, such as for online shops or virtual showrooms. The workshop is user-based, but also offers interesting information for newcomers who find themselves confronted with these questions.

Course management:
Simone Morlock

You will receive the event documents in electronic form via download link.